AIS Region 7 -- Hybridizers

Winners of Region 7's Hybridizer of the year award can be found on the Awards page.

Several enthusiastic hybridizers are at work in Region 7 including:

  • Lionell Austell (Clarksville, TN)
  • Mell Cross (Bluff City, TN)
  • Darnell Hester (Springfield, TN)
  • Linda Mann (Kingston, TN)
  • Ernest Royal (Kirksey, KY)
  • Gary Sides (Nashville, TN)
  • Robert Strohman (Louisville, KY)
  • John Van Hook (Somerset, KY)
Many other pollen daubers are hard at work in the region and we look forward to seeing their introductions.

Echo Chamber
Austell (2019)
Evening Ocean Reflection
Austel (2019)
Dainty Ballerina IB
Cross (2022)
Divinely Orchestrated
Cross (2023)
Miss Rowena
Hester (2016)
Pipit Song
Mann (2023)
Royal Birth
Royal (HM2007)
Lotsa Lav (SDB)
Strohman (2021)
Sheila Van Hook
Van Hook (2013)

Remembering those hybridizers who are no longer with us is equally important and their contributions are worthy of remembrance. A few recently deceased region 7 hybridizers include:

  • William Bruner
  • James Ennenga
  • William and Mary Grise
  • Tom Parkhill
  • Ed Roberts
  • Hugh Thurman
  • Adolph Vogt
  • Betty Wilkerson
  • Kentucky Thoroughbred
    Bruner (HM09)
    Emily Laura
    Ennenga (2004)
    Dixie Chick
    Grise (2001)
    Chief John Jolly
    Parkhill (Wister 2012)
    Silver Skates
    Roberts (HM06)
    Oriental Eyes
    Voght (Payne 1993)
    Madame President
    Thurman (Williamson White 2007)
    Memphis Miss
    Wilkerson (HM07)